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Cats Inn Sandton Accommodation

Elegant, warm, and well-appointed Cat Accommodation with privacy and security

7 Cosy semi Indoor Units.

These abut our residence and are accessed directly from our residence.

These units can sleep 1 or 2 cats.

Cats boarding in this set of units have access to their own fully enclosed Cat Garden – catnip, cat mint, cat grass and other tree(s) and plants and a water feature included!

4 Premium Garden units.

These wooden chalets can sleep 1, 2, or 3 cats (as long as they are from one family).

Each Premium Garden Unit has its own small garden, with a Frangipani Tree (non toxic to cats), a scratching tree stump or pole, plus other plants, including catnip and cat grass.

All the plants are in pots, so they can be changed easily and cleanly

4 Classic Garden Units.

These wooden chalets are slightly smaller than the chalets in the Premium Garden Units. They can comfortably sleep 1, or 2 cats.

They too have their own gardens and are at the rear of our cottage.  

They are overlooked by our study and have trees, pot plants, including catnip, cat mint, and cat grass, with a scratching tree stump or pole.

Fleecy blankets and hot water bottles for winter. Fans for cool summer breezes, add in climbing and scratching posts, potplants, and the soothing sounds coming out from the "Cats Disc" Player and I am in Purrradise!